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Foam Cannon

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Assembeling your Foam Cannon

1.) Switch our current O-ring with new one provided in the box.

2.) Attatch metal nozzle pressure washer attachment to the Foam Cannon using Pliers.  Screw on until it is tight and the O-Ring does not leak.

3.) Attatch the tube to the bottle of the nozzle housing and screw the nozzle onto the bottle.  

4.) Adjust the foam volume dial knob until it is to your perfect foam consistency. (-) means less water therefore more foam, and the (+) means more water therefore less foam. 

5.) Last but not least adjust the elongated nozzle while looking at the 2 metal sheets inside to perfect your foam to your liking.  The farther apart the metal sheets are the more it will spray like a hose, and the closer together they are it will spray in a consistent and crisp line (which is the normal way to use the Foam Cannon).

5.) Get ready for the most satisfying task you have ever done in your life!

Aren't you tired of always having to re-apply soap and lubricant in order to get an okay finish!?

No More! By buying Mr. Auto's premium foam cannon you will always have sufficient lubrication while also creating massive amounts of cloud like suds in order to lift contaminants off of your cars paint before removing them with Mr. Auto's premium heavy duty smart microfiber towels.

Our foam gun creates thick, clinging foam that provides the ultimate cleaning power and lubrication when washing or claying your vehicle.

Our new efficient design uses less soap to create thicker foam.

Foam provides the ultimate lubrication for cleaning of all surfaces without marring. It is also the most effective way to clay bar your vehicle without scratching.


Our foam gun comes with a 1,000 mL refillable cartridge that allows you to use as much or as little soap as you would like.

There is a easy to adjust valve to control the amount of foam being sprayed onto your car. You have the option to spray pure water through, soap only, or anywhere in between.

In order to adjust the fan of the foam coming out, simply turn the adjustment knob until it is perfect for your liking.

Used to clean your automobile and provide great lubrication by jetting compulsive loads of foam and creating massive amounts of suds.  Simple operation and made easy to use. You will have a professional machine jet foam effect while creating a supreme shine to your vehicle.

Some tips for using the foam gun correctly :

- Fill the bottle with hot/warm water before adding soap. This helps your solution mix together.

-Only fill up foam cannon with soap until the first indicated line on the bottle.  After you have completed this step fill the rest of the bottle with water.

- Adjust the spray nozzle first to find the stream of suds that works for you. You can adjust it so that it sprays in a fan pattern.

-Make sure that the part of the nozzle connected to your pressure washer is tightly sealed and ready to produce suds.

- Adjust the knob on the top to control how much water is mixed in. The minus (-) sign indicates less water (so more foam is produced), and the (+) indicates more water (so less foam is produced). DO NOT max out the knob onto the (-) side otherwise you won’t get much foam. You can turn it all the way to the (-) then dial it back a little, this produce massive amounts of suds.

TIP: Make sure to wipe of the metal on on the tip of the foam cannon in order to get rid of the water to prevent corrosion.



Legal Disclaimer - Mr. Auto is not liable for any product used in an irresponsible or negligent manner that has caused any harmful injuries.  Our products are not meant to be consumed or used near children. Also make sure to store in garage and keep in a cool/dry area.




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